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30 % DISCOUNT (materials not included) on all remodels with an exclusive listing with realtor Reena C. Reyes with Legacy Real Estate.

We will work with you to unleash your home’s value. Cost-effective improvements within budget and on time (all vendor savings are passed directly to you). Multi-point pre-inspection checklist that focuses on issues ahead of the inspections, so simple details can be addressed before the inspector arrives. Call today!

Reena C. Reyes
859.396.7021 or email at reenacobo@gmail.com

We respect all pre-existing listing agreements. If your home is currently under a listing contract, please do not construe this message as a solicitation for that listing. On the other hand if you have not selected a realtor we urge you to consider our services.

Homeowners: Let us eliminate the stress of unfinished projects and expensive preparations of selling or renting a house. 


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