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HomeownersYour Home is your biggest asset, protect it.

Let us eliminate the stress of unfinished projects and expensive preparations of selling or renting a house. If you are looking for any type of improvement, but fear that the cost factor may be holding you back, call us for a free estimate.  You will be ecstatic about the finished product and even more pleased with the price. Finish those projects you talked about when you first purchased your home. Make it a reality, so you can enjoy your home today. Common home improvements, repairs and remodeling projects at affordable prices. Make smart decisions, protect and increase the value of your home. Sellers: first impressions are everything! Sell to the first potential buyer by updating, creating necessary additions and staging your home for a quick sale. Upgrades that will save you time and money. Investors: Cost vs. Value, Invest your remodeling dollars wisely by minimizing expenses and getting results.
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From the buyer's perspective, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms when considering a new home. Let us help you give your kitchen a face lift. Choose kitchen flooring that fits your priorities: durability, sustainability, low maintenance. Ceramic tiles for this upgrade are a smart decision. Creating an open space gives you the opportunity to make the space appear larger and keep your existing electrical and plumbing in place, so you save more money. Another inexpensive way to improve your kitchen is to change the countertop. With a variety of selections and types, a laminated countertop is an effective way to give the kitchen a fresh new look!
Installing ceramic tile is a good option when considering an update for your bathroom. They look great on the floors, walls and in the shower. With a wide variety of styles and design, ceramic tile is an excellent choice to add some texture and pattern to your bathroom. In addition, they have an incredible wear resistance keeping their colors and beauty. New bathroom hardware sets, fresh paint and re-caulking will bring a fresh look to your bathroom. Install low-flow shower head features. This guarantees you will use less water and less energy. Save water by installing a new high-efficiency toilet. 

MAINTENANCE TIPS:Certain home maintenance tasks should be completed each season to prevent structural damage, save energy, and keep all your home’s systems running properly. These maintenance tasks are important to avoid future costly repairs. * Schedule HVAC maintenance.  * Inspect roof and chimney for winter damage.  * Check and clean your gutters.  * Inspect your siding.  * Make sure house numbers are easily visible to emergency personnel. Seal air leaks around windows and doors to prevent wasting home heating and cooling energy that costs you money.  * Add insulation to your basement to help lower heating and cooling costs.  * As the U.S. phases out incandescent light bulbs, we look back at the light of our lives. Look forward to new generations of CFLs and LEDs.  * Energy-efficient window coverings help reduce heating and cooling costs and may qualify  for the federal energy tax credit. ​* Give your garage a face-lift. A fresh coat of paint and re-caulking goes a long way!